Engagement photos at the Sunset Cliffs in San Diego - Jamonte & Allie

The Sunset Cliffs is a magical place and no matter how many times I shoot here, each photo shoot session always turns out very unique!

We all know that the sunsets are really amazing here in San Diego, but watching it from this spot makes it so dreamy! Well, it has it’s name for a reason, right? The place is beautiful and there’s a really good energy in the air. Not to mention the real ‘California’ vibe, plenty of palm trees, rocky cliffs, almost inaccessible beaches and a very particular nature.

Jamonte & Allie were such a great couple to shoot. They are not from here, but from Arizona and they are just spending a few days in South California. As soon as we begun walking (sometimes climbing) they started getting amazed with the place, so everything else occurred naturally and I was glad to be there and capture everything. Every smile, every hug and every touch. Their eyes were shining!

Well, let the pictures speak for themselves and just enjoy this engagement session which turned one of my favorites so far!